December 2016's Favourites

New Bedding

I love new bedding more than anything. Nothing changes a room like getting your bedding on. I have been looking for some festive style bedding that isn't overly tacky and is also affordable. 
I found this  gorgeous set on Amazon by Catherine Lansfield and its the perfect festive but not too festive set that I will be k to use right through out the winter. 

Getting In The Festive Spirit

I'm a cliche but I love Christmas time. I'm not even too fussed about presents these days. I get more excited about seeing my family and seeing how excited my nephews get about Santa and eating all of the foods and mulled wine. See my post here on some ideas on how to get in the Christmas spirit.

Winter Sunrises

I'm a broken record at the moment when it comes to sunrises on my instagram. Yes I may be getting up when its still dark but I get to see the sunrise and the most beautiful skies and it makes it worth it...almost.

Getting Organised

Being organised satisfies me more than any man ever has. Nothing makes me happier than organisers, to do lists and notebooks. I'm currently all up to date with my Christmas shopping and planning the year ahead. Plus I treated myself to this cute notebook from Urban Outfitters which makes me even more excited to plan.


Like every basic bitch I love me a quote. I can't even remember how I found r.h.Sin but I'm sure it was some time when I was needlessly scrolling through instagram before bed. His poetry speaks to my soul and I'm sure its something a thousand people will be able to relate to. 


As mentioned in my New Years Resolutions I have begun exercising and I feel like I wish I had discovered it sooner. I have for years spent my days off just sat around on the sofa refreshing my social media feeds and doing fuck all. 
Now I try to work out 3-4 times a week, depending how much I've been working. But I love it. I feel like I have more energy and it makes me want to eat better because I want foods that give me energy and don't counteract all the hard work I've done. I don't go to a gym or have a PT. I just do a little bit to keep active and keep me energised. I have noticed clothes fit better and I just feel more confident about myself. And I'm really proud that I've kept it up. 


  1. That new bedding is so lovely.

  2. Love the bedding! And I really need to get back into exercising too xx


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