Why You Shouldn't Worry About Deadlines

I saw this retweeted on twitter the other night and it just spoke to me on so many levels. I'm sure like most people in their mid twenties, I question my life on an hourly basis and compare it to friends/ people on social media. 
I always thought when I was younger, I would meet someone by 20, house at 21 (cause I move fast) engaged by 22, babies by 25 and I thought I would be a house wife and that would be my life. 
In reality I'm 26. My longest relationship is with my cats, all men seem to hate me or see me as a walking vagina who is not girlfriend material and I don't own my sofa, let alone house. 

I felt like for ages everyone surrounding me was either pregnant, had a baby, engaged, married or travelling the world with someone they love and they were happy and completed. But really its a small selection of people on my social media. And how do I know that they're not sat there questioning their lives as well?
I know people who are engaged but have been cheated on by their partner. People who love their children but regret having kids young. People in relationships who wish they weren't but don't have the heart to leave the person they are with. People who have the house and dream guy but are struggling to get a decent job.
Thats the problem with social media, you can pick the good bits to show, you don't see any of the shit. You see a filtered, airbrushed, cropped version of people's lives.

I feel like I created this timeline in my head that I haven't reached yet but at the same time I don't feel ready to reach. Me and my friend decided I'm 22 the other day because I don't feel 26, I feel 22. So can we pretend I'm 22? Thanks.
And I feel like babies, engagement rings and marriage are seemingly appearing more because I convinced myself thats what I was lacking so naturally it seems like its everywhere when its not. 

I think we all just need to remember;

 -That everyones path is different.
- Life is not made up of deadlines.
- There's no point comparing yourself to anyone else. 
-Be happy with the life you have, cause life is short. 

You don't want to waste it longing for things you think you don't have and not focusing on what you do have. 

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