5 Simple Mistakes All Bloggers Make

1. Not Proof Reading Your Posts 
I am guilty of this. In fact I read a post back the other day and I had to go edit it because I hadn't read it back and it didn't make sense and I had forgot to put a link somewhere. I always did it at school when writing essays. My teachers said I was always too eager to write that I would miss out words.
 But you want your posts to make sense firstly and to look professional. I tend to put my post into preview mode before scheduling or publishing and just make sure everything looks ok.

2. Not Checking Your Links
On your social media and on your actual posts. Check they go to the right pages. Especially on your social media, how are readers going to get to  your page if the link in your bio doesn't work. And remember to check on both mobile and laptop because they sometimes link to very different things or don't work at all. 

3. Thinking You Have to Have A Niche
You do not have to have a niche. I have never read a fashion blog and saw a post about fitness and thought, thats great but I wish this was more of a niche. Readers will engage if they can see you are passionate about what you post. If you want to write about lots of different things then go ahead. Obviously there will be posts readers like more than others but they will never begrudge for posting about something off topic.

4. Thinking You Have To Post Every Day
I tried to do Blogmas because I thought it'd be a good challenge. I think I did 3 days and then I had no blog post ideas because I'd used them up in November and I got super busy and I had no inspiration. The second I was like ok, I'm not going to do Blogmas,  I had all of the inspiration and have posted nearly every day again. I think pressure can stifle you creatively sometimes. That and I'm stubborn as fuck and the second I make myself do something, my brains like nope.
 And not posting everyday will not harm your blog. What IS important if you want to expand your blog is promoting and engaging in social media. Doesn't have to be every day but it helps. It is ok to give yourself a break though, I promise.

5. Getting Caught Up In Page Views
Firstly page views don't really count. You could have 1000 page views but that could be your ex boyfriend sat lonely in his bedroom refreshing your page 1000 times, which is how I like to think all my exes spend their days. 
If you really want to track your views you are best off learning a little about Google Analytics. This can tell you how many users view your page, how long they spend on each page, their demographics etc.
 I am in no way an expert in analytics in fact I'm 80% sure mine doesn't track my mobile views and I have tried a thousand times to fix this and it hasn't worked. 


  1. Hahaha love the image of the ex boyfriend - that made me chuckle!


  2. Haha! I'd also like to think my exs are just refreshing my blog lol only way they'd be able to keep up with me! I'm also terrible at proof reading sometimes. I always try to rush and get my post up.



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