10 Ways I Feel That I Have My Shit Together

1. When I have fresh non chipped, non grown out nails. I don't know what it is about fresh nails but afterwards I'm like I feel like a proper grown up right now. 

2. When I wake up with no wrappers/crumbs/ food/ phone/laptop in bed. 

3. When I wake up and remember to make my bed.

4. That time I properly deep clean my house once a month. Wow its like a show home! Till the day after when theres piles of washing up and cat hair everywhere.

5. When I build a piece of furniture. Even if its the simplest of Ikea flat pack shelves, afterwards I'm like damn I missed my calling in life as a handyman.

6. When I fix something without having to call my dad or landlord. I changed a lightbulb today, I can conquer the world.

7. When I remember to take food with me to work even if I end up eating it all before breakfast. I still haven't spend £15 on sandwiches in Tesco. 

8. Whenever I get a new clean, crumbless handbag. Every time I'm like this bag is going to be different, this bag I'm going to treat well. I'm going to be organised and tidy and I'm not going to spill coffee in it or leave Topshop receipts in the bottom. 

9. When I realise theres 6 months till I pay off my sofa. I actually own something over £1000. I'm like a millionaire.

10. When I go a day without social media. Wow I'm so cultural, I might go on a walk or start painting. Who needs to check up on peoples pets and pictures of food and pointless ramblings. Brb off to check Instagram.


  1. Hahaha #2 is soooo hard to do! x


  2. I feel you on the deep cleaning only lasting a day...darn cats!!!

  3. I need to deep clean more haha!



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