The Best Book I Have Ever Read

I don't know what is about Derren Brown, maybe its cause he looks like my dad. Maybe its cause he's from Bristol originally, like myself. Maybe because he's so god damn sure of himself. But I love Derren Brown. I watch every thing he has ever done (I think) and I think he's an absolute genius. 
The other day I saw one of my lovely friends post something on instagram about the books she was currently reading and I saw one of Derren's mixed in there. I haven't ever read any of his books, and after reading this I've discovered, he has a few. So I'm actually a bit of a shit fan really.

Anyways 'Happy: Why More or Less Everything is Absolutely Fine' is about something we strive for; The Pursuit of Happiness. It pokes holes in such ideas like 'Think positively' or 'Set yourself goals' which are two things I've always felt as humans we should do but as Derren rightly explains these do not end up making us happy because they are unrealistic. I'm only half way through but its honestly, as the title of this post states, is the best book I have ever read. Whether he's hypnotised me through his book or what my whole attitude towards trying to be happy has shifted and I have a whole new outlook on life. 

I honestly urge everyone I know to read it, it is utterly brilliant. And you can buy it here on amazon for £10!

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