November's Goals

Be Kinder To My Skin

Lately my skin has looked tired, dull and old and its been getting me down. I used to have such a good skin routine and lately I just haven't been bothering and I have been doing the ultimate crime of going to bed with make up on. So this month I want to focus on getting a better skin routine. When I was organising my room I found some old Nip + Fab products, which I review here and I forgot how good they are. Also I'm banning myself from sun beds and going to start fake tanning again to get that healthy glow.

Finish The Girl On The Train

I really got into it and then I stopped and I've been favouring tv shows rather than sitting down and reading but it was such a good book and I definitely need to finish it before I watch the film... which I still haven't got round to either.

Finish The Walking Dead

Well get up to date. I'm currently on season five, so not too far to go.

Spend Less On Food Out

I need to eat constantly other wise I get very tired and light headed, I've been tested a thousand times but my doctors still have no idea. Anyway I end up spending like £10 in Tesco on the way to work or unnecessary money at work on food which I often don't often even eat all of anyway and I'm a nightmare for ordering deliveroo. Yes its tasty and I don't have to wash up but there is so much more I could spend my money on. So this November I am trying to take my own packed lunches into work and carrying snacks from home with me. So far its been a huge success but its only day three and my oven has stopped working... But I'm determined to keep it going. Plus the food I've been making is a thousand times better than a BLT.

Get Prepped For Christmas

Whether that be making sure I have all of the blog post ideas, Christmas plans all finalised or all my shopping done, this year I am going to be organised.

Get More Organised

Being organised literally makes me the happiest person ever. Its like my crack. Currently I'm re-doing my bedroom. I put together this wardrobe from Ikea, except mine has no back to it because I accidentally made half of it upside down and had to hack it all off and it has no doors cause I actually kind of like an open wardrobe. Then I'm going to start on my desk and the rest of my room. I'm currently eyeing up this shelving unit from Ikea also to put bits in.

What are your goals for this month?

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  1. These are great goals! I definitely have been guilty of being lazy lately and going to bed with makeup on - YIKES! I need to be kinder to my skin for sure. Also, I LOVE the feeling of being organized so I definitely want to do more of that too! Good luck on your goals! XO -Kim

  2. I hate that I'm too lazy to remove makeup at the end of the day, but I'm usually just too tired, ya know?


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