November 2016 Beauty Favourites

A few items on my beauty favourites list this month but they are dominated by two brands;


Firstly lets start with NYX. I've become obsessed with NYX pretty much since I tried their Lingerie lipstick in my September- Current Beauty Favourites. I originally only went in for one thing but discovered Boots had a deal on if you spent £50 so I ended up buying a fair few bits. My favourite item by far is their HD Foundation which has replaced my usual foundation by Bourjois, its super high coverage and gives a similar dewy glow that MAC Face and Body gives. Also their Gotcha Covered concealer has replace my previous concealer by Benefit.

Their lashes range 'Wicked Lashes' are incredible and up there with MACs lashes and only £5.50! My personal favourites are Flirt and Bashful

Shop NYX here


Then secondly I've fallen back in love with Nip+Fab products. I was obsessed with them last year but kind of just forgot to stop using it. In my November goals post I mentioned that I wanted to start looking after my skin again so I instantly when out and bought the above. 

The Viper Venom Frown Fix is genuinely one of the best products I've ever owned. I have deep lines on my forehead that make contempt getting botox on a daily basis, after one use of this I noticed they'd massively reduced. 
The Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Mask I noticed less of a dramatic difference but I felt like my skin looked less tired after using it and the smell is gorgeous. And then lastly I've been loving the Glycolic Cleansing Fix to cleanse my skin every night. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh as well as looking less tired. 

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  1. Love the Nip+Fab glycolic extreme pads for exfoliation - on my second tub! Wouldn't mind giving the NYX HD foundation a try - love that brand as well.

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  2. I didn't even know NYX did lashes, will definitely have to try them! xx


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