New Years Resolutions for 2017

Firstly lets start this post about New Years Resolutions by saying I don't believe in New Years Resolutions, which is why I'm posting this in November. If you're going to make changes in your life, you don't wait for a specific date or time or wait for things to happen. The diet doesn't start Monday, you don't wait till the 1st of January to quit smoking, you just do it there and then, other wise you know your not fully committed.
 I remember a friend once telling me they wanted to lose weight and I suggested they by a dress in the size that they wanted to be so that would be a goal. They said that would be a waste of money, from that behaviour you could tell they were never fully committed to the idea of doing it.

Also I kinda don't believe in goal setting after reading Happy by Derren Brown (see my post about it here). I believe in setting goals you would like to do but remembering they're not the be all and end all and to keep in mind that if you don't reach things it'll all be ok. People spend their lives reaching for goals and sacrificing things they love along the way and then when they finally reach it their like "oh, what now".

So the following are my not resolutions. They're goals I'm starting now that I want to carry on into 2017 and for the rest of my life but I won't beat myself up over if I don't reach them. But thats not really catchy so we'll call them new years resolutions;

1. Exercise More

I've just spent the last week off sick, unable to move and it made me feel like shit. I've never felt worse. You might think that sitting around all day and doing nothing is an absolute dream but after two days, you go insane. I want to join a gym but I haven't been paid yet, so instead of waiting for payday. I got up this morning and after breakfast I did a 30 minute work out and I feel pretty good about myself.
I'm not exercising to lose weight per say, I did put weight on when I was on antidepressants because they make you want to eat all of the foods and as much as I love my new breasts and ass, my hips and my stomach aren't as toned as they once were so thats kind of my goal as well as exercising as a way to release stress and anxiety. 

2. Take More Photos

I've now bought a DSLR and I think I've said this every year but I really do want to take better photos. I think every year I have improved but I've mostly just worked with my iPhone so far. My grandad, before he passed away, was a keen photographer and thats something I want to continue in his memory.

3. Be Kinder

I want to be kinder to myself mostly. I've wrote openly before how I struggle with depression and when I get into that low point I'm not very kind to myself in my thoughts and this is something I really want to work on this year.
 I feel really good at the moment, I just want to avoid anything negative that makes me hit that low and continue on to 2017 as the person I am right now.
I also just want to be a kinder person in general. My dad is like the nicest person you'll ever meet and will say hello to strangers. Where as I avoid people I know in supermarkets because I hate small talk and give one one answers to taxi drivers because I don't want to speak to them at 2am. And I'm quite cynical I think the worst in humans. So yeah I just want to be a bit more like my Dad.

4. Travel More

I'm really not one of those people to go proper travelling with a back pack and staying in hostels. I would miss home comforts far too much and I quite like where I live. But I do like visiting new places, albeit the places i've been this year I've visited before, bar Dublin but I would like to go see more of the world. Also possible a holiday where theres sunshine, I don't think I've had a real tan since I was 15.

5. Get Another Tattoo

I love tattoos. I have two currently (you can see a post about them here). And I would quite like a third. I have two things I want on me and I have wanted for a few years and I always use that as a test as to whether I want them or not. I used to want a butterfly on me but after a year I decided it wasn't really suited to me and personally it doesn't have much meaning, which I know isn't necessary when you get a tattoo but for me its fairly important.


  1. Exercise more is one of my resolutions too! I say it every year but this year I want to make sure that I stick to a plan x


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