Visiting Manchester Christmas Markets

Usually today I would post my outfits for this week like here and here. But there's only actually two on my instagram feed currently as I've been feeling a little run down as I don't feel I've really been looking after myself the best I can in a health sense but I've also not been sleeping well, through no fault of my own. Anyway, I'm trying to get myself on the mend and will hopefully go back to my sassy self in a day or two. 
Instead I'm going to post about my trip to Manchester this Thursday. It was only a flying visit as I became unwell in Manc. 


Me and one of my pals went to Hawksmoor which is one of my favourite restaurants in the world. I first discovered it in its home, London. I've only been to the one in Seven Dials but I've heard the rest are just as good. I've been to that one now three times and I've never had a bad meal. I also have now been to the Manchester one twice; I went once last year with friends and then went Thursday also. 

Hawksmoor is a steak house, and steak is 1000% my favourite thing to eat in all the lands. I always try to have something on the bone (no puns please) if I go to any steakhouse as they have the best flavour or I try to have something with lots of fat because contrary to what we're supposed to believe. Fat=good. So we had the Prime rib on the bone, medium rare and then loads of side to accompany it as well as a lovely glass or two of Malbec. 

Manchester Christmas Markets

After incredible food we teetered on down to the Christmas markets. Which are amazing in Manchester. If you have never been I really urge you to. Its part of my Christmas ritual now. 
Mostly it features stalls of incredible food and drinks but also loads of little cute stores where you can buy Christmas gifts such as soaps, scarves or ornaments. But mostly its good for a Bratwurst or a mulled wine.

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