7 Ways To Love Yourself This Week

My journey on loving myself hasn't been an easy one. Its not something that has come naturally to me and it is a work in progress but I think its so important and something we should remind ourselves a little more. 
I got a tattoo of a heart put on my left wrist about a year ago as a reminder to myself to always love myself no matter what.
I remember a friend of the family once commenting on a celebrity saying "Oh she really loves herself doesn't she", like its a negative thing and I think admitting you love yourself is something that is frowned upon by society and the media.
 I'm not talking about being arrogant, I am in no means perfect, I would never pretend to be so and I wouldn't want to be but I don't beat myself up for little things anymore that I can't control. I try to learn to let them go and love my life and be the happiest version of me I can be.
 These are just a couple of the things I do weekly to love myself and remind myself its all gonna be k.

1. Take time away from Social Media
 I wake up and don't instantly go on social media. I instead listen to music or I talk to my housemate, I grab a cup of tea, I make a nice breakfast and I light incense or candles. I do things that make me happy and set off my day right. Or if I'm feeling bad I stay away from social media for a few hours or a few days. Always remember that what people put is just a snapshot of what people choose to put online. No one is perfect, we all have shit going on.   'Everyone you know, is fighting a battle you know nothing about, be kind, always'

2. Write a list of all the things you love about yourself
It doesn't have to be about looks, because a beautiful soul is much more appealing that a pretty face. For instance; I love how strong I am and how I've overcome lots of things in my life. I try to look at all the things I have gone through and the people I have lost as a thing that has strengthened me and made me a better, wiser person.

3. Always know your worth
Never settle for anything; bad friendships, bad men, bad jobs. Never accept your lot in life if it does not make you happy. You deserve miles better. Everyone deserves to be happy.

4. Do things your passionate about
The more you do the things you love, the happier you will be. Find time in the week to do them. If you don't have anything you are really passionate about then discover new things that you will learn to love.

5. Take time by yourself
I think its so important to love your own company. Take a day every now and again to just be by yourself and to pamper yourself whether it be beauty treatments or mediating.

6. Listen or watch something that makes you happy 
My happy films include; Harry Potter, anything Disney (especially Beauty and The Beast, Romy and Michelle and any 90s films like Clueless or 10 Things I Hate About You. When I feel like shit I listen to a playlist I have on Spotify called 'Pep Talk Playlist', you can see my post about it here. I basically listen to anything with Kanye, Jay Z or Beyonce. Also Lemonade is one of my favourite things to watch to remind me to be confident.

7. Learn to forgive yourself for your mistakes
This is self explanatory. You are human. You make mistakes. Beating yourself up about it only hurts you in the long run.
Sometimes I will think of something that could have happened years ago that I did that was embarrassing or I feel bad about that affected another person but I can guarantee no one else is thinking about it but me and beating myself up about it will not change the past. Just learn from it and try to move on.

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