7 of My Favourite Tv Shows Of All Time

I really like Tv. Like a lot. Tv was pretty much my only companion growing up at some points of my childhood because I was a friendless loser. 
I remember always being so excited for the 6 weeks holidays. Not so I could ride my bike, build dens or hang out with my one friend I had but so I could watch reruns of Kenan and Kel and Sabrina on Nickelodeon. 
I live for days when I can watch Tv all day and I look forward to finishing work so I can continue watch a series I'm binge watching. Its hard to pick my favourite Tv shows as I love so many so I just picked the ones I rewatch over and over and would pick if I could only watch 7 shows for the rest of my life;

I learnt a lot from The O.C. I learnt nerds were hot, bad boys are hot and Misha Barton can't act. The O.C. came about when I was in that weird teen faze of discovering yourself. Also around the same thing I discovered Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton and I started saying 'Thats Hot' a lot. 
I never really bought into any other teen shows like Dawsons Creek (who) or One Tree Hill but my love for The O.C. was as real and as deep as it is today Even if once I sold my boxsets so I could afford a train to visit my first boyfriend in Warrington. Seth Cohen, he was not.

Jack Bauer also came about in a time of self discovery. I basically started watching it cause a guy I thought was hot watched it and I wanted to be cool but I actually ended up loving it. Its set in a counter terrorism unit or CTU as the cool kids call it. It was bad ass, dangerous and exciting. Its set in real time and a lot of shit goes down in one day in the life of Jack Bauer. My favourite series is the third because that was the first DVD box set I ever bought and when my favourite character, Chloe appears. 

I would like to state now, this is not in order cause G.O.T. will always be my number one. I could sit and talk about theories (R+L=J) and characters. And I actually know the characters names, but only after reading the books and rematching it 3 times because half the people look the same and have similar sounding names. My favourite character is Ayra Stark because she's a bad ass and Maisie Williams is a bad ass and also from Bristol. Home of the huns

I love murder documentaries and crime thrillers and basically anything a bit odd that most normal people would probably shy away from. It fascinates me and Criminal Minds is no different. I was first told to watch it in a Forensic Psychology class, which I ended up failing. Probably should have read more books, and watched less tv but you know. Criminal Minds is about the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU) who find killers by using profiling. Matthew Gray Gubler is the hottest nerd since Seth Cohen and makes the show for me. It does get a little repetitive watching like a boxset in a day because its pretty much the same premis every episode. Oh look somebodies been killed, lets analysis it, oh its this guy, no it might be this guy, no its the guy you never thought it'd be. Wow that person who's dieds family seems awfully composed considering their daughter just died. 

It starts off with someone called A torturing a group of girls who have lots of secrets like cheating parents or their banging their teacher and then gets really fucking dark a lot later on. But its brilliant. I wish I was one of the Liars, though I would not handle all the harassment shit they get as well as they do but they're the best of friends despite everything. Its like Desperate Housewives meets Gossip Girl but really dark.

6. American Horror Story
I can't fully remember how I got into AHS but I know what kept me interested; Evan Peters.  I loved Evan way before the rest of the world did, back when he was emulating Kurt Cobain as my favourite character of all time, Tate Langdon. The series always do frustrate me they're never quite perfect. Its always going fantastically and really gripping and then Ryan Murphy throws just something bizarre in that puts me off but then I fall in love again before the series ends. He was very much like that with Nip/Tuck and other shows he's done.
For those who dont know its an anthology series which each time is loosely based around a certain horror genre with plenty of references to horror films and legends. My favourite series order is; Murder House, Coven, Asylum, Hotel, My Roanoke Nightmare and Freak Show.

7. Gossip Girl
You'd think watching from afar you'd tune in to GG for Serena and Nate who before watching I thought the show would be based around, and it is mostly but I can give or take them. I hate Vanessa and Jennie. I adore Dorota. Rufus and Dan are as bland as each other. But its really all about Chuck and Blair. They really are relationship goals, if you like really fucked up relationships but still you get gripped by their Ross and Rachel will they/won't they thing.
Gossip Girl is about privileged Upper East Siders living in Manhattan who all read this site called Gossip Girl which basically airs all their dirty laundry. I think its supposed to be a teen show, I think but I'm 26 and I've now watched it 3 times over from first episode to last.
You know you love me xoxo

What are your favourite Tv shows?

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  1. You've picked some of my faves! I love PLL, Gossip Girl & The OC, but I haven't watched the OC in so long, I think it is time for me to watch it again!

    Love, Amie ❤
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