5 Of The Best iPhone Apps For Bloggers

I forever love discovering new and useful apps. Especially now I have a phone with enough memory that can actually support more than 10 things. Obviously my favourite apps are social media ones, thats a given but I thought I'd share today a few of my favourite apps that I find useful for not just blogging but every day life.

1. VSCO Cam

I've spoke about VSCO Cam before in my post here about How I Edit My Instagram Photos and its honestly one of the best photo editing apps I've ever encountered. Its so easy to use and with so many different styles of filters much more so than the instagram app itself. 

2. Evernote

 I love to create to do lists more than anything and to keep super organised. Before Evernote I just used to keep lists in my notes but Evernote is so much easier to organise. As well as writing to do lists can draw, write text or you can add pictures which is super handy when you've got blog post ideas or picture inspiration you want to add. Its honestly a dream for any one who likes to be an organisational queen.

3. Buffer

Buffer is a social media scheduling app which is honestly life saving. You can use it for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Linkedin, Pinterest or Google+. Personally I just use it for Twitter and Instagram as they are my two main social media sites I use but its great it has such a selection. As I'm a busy gal always on the go and always forgetting to promote her blog I need this app to literally survive.

4. Facetune

Another photo editing app but with a twist. Face tune is mostly used for those who take selfies and want to get rid of blemishes or smooth lines and basically appear as though they have no flaws. I use Face tune mostly for its whitening tool. Its great for flatlay pics or pics for your blog where the background isn't as flawlessly white as you would hope it would be. Also lets be honest it is great for selfies when you want to pretend that break out isn't happening. I mean, who actually looks like their Instagram pictures in real life anyway.

5. Pocket

Pocket is an adorable little app where you can select blogs or new stories you like and put them right in your Pocket app for later for read. Really easy to use and has been so useful. I'm forever seeing blog posts I like but not having the time to read them fully so I just select them to go in my app and usually end up reading them before bed.

What are your favourite apps?


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to be having a look at some of these x


  2. Hi! awesome post! Buffer is great and so is vsco!


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