October Favourites 2016

-AHS: My Roanoke Nightmare
I have loved American Horror Story from the first time I set eyes on Tate Langdon in AHS: Murder House and from then every season I have fallen in love with Ryan Murphy's different takes on my favourite genre; horror. This season has taken a whole new story. Its less glam and overproduced. Its slicked back to true horror origins and as I write this I've just finished episode 6 where its taken a whole new turn which I am obsessed with. I whole heartedly recommend this anthology series to everyone I know, even if they don't like horror necessarily because theres something for everyone. 

-The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead for me is one of those series I start watching, it gets a little repetitive so I leave midseries and don't visit again for months and then I realise I was about to hit a real big plot twist. As the new series is starting I've picked up where I left off which is series 4 and although I'm desperately trying to catch up with the new series because I'm sick of seeing spoilers all over Facebook. Either way it is a really good series to watch you just have to be a little patient with it. And for fuck sake don't watch it when eating.

-Scream Queens

I love Scream Queens so much and I wish everyday I was a Chanel. The new series is back and this time set in a hospital with all the best characters from the last series (well the ones that didn't die) and its just as hilarious and the characters are just as well written.


I've mentioned a thousand times that Halloween is my absolute favourite season and instead of me rambling on about it again here is a little post I wrote earlier about my favourite things about halloween here. You can also see what I wore here.


I've completely fallen in love with Primark again lately and its been my main go to shop, see my post on it here.


I've really got back into the swing of things with keeping up this blog again and really genuinely enjoying it, instead of feeling like its a chore as I once did. I think it shows and I'm currently, for the month of October on the most amount of page views I've ever had by quite a bit and I've doubled my page views from September and they are 10 times more than October from last year to July this year. I know its not all about the stats but you can't help but feel a little bit proud when you see that.
I've also wrote a few posts about my tips for blogging;

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How to Grow Your Audience 

How To Keep Inspired

iPhone 7

I recently upgraded my 6 for an iPhone 7. I did want the plus but it was like a 6-8 weeks waiting list so I settled for the 7. I also went for a phone with double the memory I had previously so I don't have to delete any of my selfies to make sure I can have the Facebook messenger app. I got in Rose Gold

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