October 2016 Autumn/Winter Primark Haul

Primark are well and truly slaying this Autumn/Winter and I keep finding myself in there over my other favourite stores. I went through a faze of absolutely hating everything Primark but as of late I don't if they've had a new direction or I've had a change of heart but I keep shopping there, as will be apparent from this post.


Left to Right: Pink and Gold cushions (the other cushion is Ikea and the throw is Primark but old). I think they were £7.Blue hand painted bedding which was £18, Orange and Gold Cushion £7. 
Chalk board £5

 Primark is always one of my favourite for homeware. Its super cheap and if like me you fancy every now and again redoing your home but super cheap, its ideal. This time around I fancied a little change of colour.

And this throw was £6 which Mowgli is completely in love with.

 Left to Right: Striped Top Primark £8, Pink trousers ASOS £22, Pink Jumper £10 (also available in loads of other colours, I have a beige too), Pink Coat £20, Leopard Print Roll Neck £10

 I didn't realise till I started writing this just how much pink I've been wearing of late. My favourite of all these is the pink coat. Its perfect for the its not summer, not quite Autumn period and great for something to wear on a night out thats not an overly thick coat. They also had it in several other colours.

Left to Right: Top £10, Top £10, Coat £23

If you are looking for Autumn workwear then look no further than Primark. The top to the left is only £10 and available in like 7 different colours. The Coat is also my new favourite thing, its super warm and it was so cheap I felt it justified buying everything else in this post from what I would have saved buying something more high end. 
The high waisted trousers featured are from ASOS £22

Also if you are looking for the perfect sized bag for a night out, this bag is £10 and has been my saviour for the last 2 months. I first bought it for Amsterdam and wore it all round the city. It has two sections so you can keep your things super safe and its cross body which always makes me feel a little bit more secure. Then I wore it all round Disney and I've worn it on pretty much every night out I've had. I couldn't recommend it enough.

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