My Top 5 Favourite Songs

I hate when people ask "whats your favourite kind of music" because genuinely I have an eclectic taste in music and there's not one sort of genre I love over any others. I like songs that remind you of something or that makes you feel something and I definitely prefer sad, slow songs over anything but that's all I can define it as. 
I have 5 songs that I've loved for several years and that are my most played and I can still listen to a thousand times over and still get goosebumps and they are as follows.

When I was going through a bit of a shit time I was browsing Instagram and saw Ellie Goulding play an acoustic version of Lakes of Canada and absolutely fell in love and played it repeatedly. I thought it was a Ellie Goulding original till I looked it up on Spotify and heard the original and loved it just as much. Its quite folky and not really like anything else on my playlists but I love it.

The first time I heard Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley was when watching the O.C. It was kind of Ryan and Marissa's love song and was played repeatedly through the show and when Marissa died they played Imogen Heap's version also. When I listen to it, it still takes me back to teenage me who wanted to meet a bad boy gone good from Chino. I love nearly all versions except Alexandra Burke's when it was the X Factor single, in fact I really hated it. But ultimately Jeff Buckley's is my favourite.  The sigh at the beginning, the guitar, his amazing voice. To me its the perfect song.

Beyonce is one of my favourite artists and there's barely any song of hers that I dislike but If I Were A Boy has such a special meaning to me. Not only was it played at a friend of mine's funeral but I used to listen to her sing, well yell the lyrics from her bedroom. Whenever I hear it, I think of her but not in a sad way.

I love Lana. Born to Die is one of my favourite albums and I have three favourite songs from her Born to Die, Pawn Shop Blues, which is from an unreleased album and lastly Video Games. It's the most depressing love song I think I've ever heard and for that reason I love it. It reminds me of just being innocent and falling for someone.

I would say Kanye's one of my favourite artists and anyone who has ever lived with me will tell you how I play this pretty much on repeat. It reminds me of about 80% of my relationships and I can rap every word to it.

What are your favourite songs?

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