My Top 5 Favourite Blogs To Read

The blog that really started it off for me and made me want to blog. I love Lily's style and how she's not your 'typical' blogger. She loves GoT, ASOIAF and WWE and she's opinionated and stands up for what she believes in. I've followed Lily for years and watched her move away from the OOTD style posts to a bit more all round lifestyle/beauty and fashion. She made me realise that 1. You don't need to live in London to be a blogger and 2. You don't always need to go to Blogging events to make it big as a blogger. 

A huge advocate of mental health and one of the biggest influences online to make me realise its ok to suffer with depression and anxiety. She also promotes so much self love and her posts are always bad ass and extremely honest.

Again I've followed Hannah from pretty much the beginning of her blogging journey and I think even before she became a full time blogger. Real, down to earth and I love her writing style, you can see so much of her personality shine through. Again Hannah has touched on her mental health journey and extremely inspirational. She's one of the people that taught me you don't have to have some cool blogger nickname to have a blog. I'm just happy being Hannah Cozens.

One of the newer blogs to my collection. But I actually saw Corrie when I was travelling to Disney Land Paris when she was doing a photoshoot there with Primark. I love her lifestyle type posts about ways to Jazz up your blog or tips for when your anxious when travelling. 

Run by communication consultant Melissa. It has the most unreal photography. It features everything from blogging tips to the best places to eat and amazing fashion posts. Again this is a new one to my list but I am obsessed and its one of my daily reads. 

What are your favourite blogs?

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