My Disney Land Paris Trip- Review

My Disney Land Paris Trip

The Most Magical Place on Earth

I went to Disney Land Paris as a child I think 3 or 4 times and it holds my most happy childhood memories. We weren't really a family to go on that many holidays, the odd camping trip here or there so going to Disney Land was pretty huge for us back then. My family suggested earlier this year about going again and I couldn't say no but I was very aware that sometimes as children things seem much more magical than they actually are and as adults it can be a little disappointing. 
On my return visit to Disney Land Paris over two weeks ago now it was just as I had imagined, if not better and it was still for me as it was when I was 8 years old. 

Its hard to describe unless you've been there fully what its like and I am probably going to use the word 'magical' a thousand times in this post but it really is. Everything about it is perfect from all the little themed parks to how certain areas smell like certain things. To how the characters behave exactly like the characters that you forget their in costume. I met a Jack Sparrow that could have been Johnny Depp playing him. 


I was a little gutted as my favourite land Frontier Land was having a major make over as was Big Thunder Mountain which was one of my favourite rides but still I made the most of everything and went on all the rides I wanted bar the Hollywood Tower of Terror as overtime the queue was short, I chickened out and then when I plucked up the courage to the queue was 2 hours long.

 My top 5 favourite rides in order are;

1. Space Mountain
2. Big Thunder Mountain
3. Phantom Mansion
4. Pirates of The Caribbean 
5. Buzz Lightyear

We were there for its Halloween launch including the Halloween parade. If you go I seriously recommend going around either Halloween or Christmas. I think its something that must be on everyones bucket list. If you go right over Halloween or Christmas it is extremely expensive but they keep the decorations up for a few weeks so you can still catch them and embrace the magic whilst it not being ridiculously expensive. 

Its not just all about the rides. They do some incredible shows too. We saw Mickey and The Magician and The Car Show as well which was mesmerising and I don't even like cars.

Accommodation and Food 

We stayed in Hotel Cheyenne which 2 star accommodation but it was honestly fine and I'd happily stay there again. Its all cowboy themed and other than a questionable stain on one of the curtains that we nicknamed 'The Cum Curtain' it was actually really ok and we didn't spend much time in the room anyway. We went half board and I'd seriously recommend that. Theres only really two choices to eat in the evening on the half board plan we were on which was Billy Bobs and The Garden Plaza. Both served incredible all you can eat food and you also could use vouchers to get a free tea and cake in the afternoon. 
Everywhere else in the park is mostly like pizzas and burgers which is ok and I did get a burger that had a light sabre on it which made my inner geek so happy. I'd say don't go to Disney if your planning on dieting. There aren't many opportunities near the park to even get  your own food.

The only really sad thing for me was seeing so many men walking around in military gear and guns. And the amount of security you have to go through to get to the park. Which is obviously a good thing and made me feel much safer whilst being there but it says so much about the current world we live and how its deteriorated since I went when I was 8 years old. Children aren't allowed toy guns and your not allowed selfie sticks but I couldn't tell if thats just cause they are seriously annoying.

As I said if you've never been this is a seriously bucket list thing that everyone needs to do once in their lifetime. It doesn't matter how old you are, whether you like fast rides or not everyones inner child comes out when you're at Disney and I can't wait till I go back again. 

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