Five Ways To Make Getting To Sleep That Bit Easier

I've previously been a terrible sleeper. Stressing and over thinking before bed or 

1. Avoid your phone an hour before bed

Or longer if possible. The light on your phone makes it harder for your brain to realise its time to sleep and plus its good for your mental health to stay away from endlessly scrolling on social media for a few hours. Switch off and read a book or I've recently bought a kindle because I like to read but I don't like a light on. It has an option to turn blue lighting on so that you can sleep better. I also write before bed either in a diary or I have a notebook for blog post ideas because I seem to have my best ideas just before bed. Also try putting your phone charging away from your bed, in another room or on the opposite side of the room so you actually have to get out of bed to turn off your alarm in the morning.

2. Adjust your lighting 

Nothing makes a room more tranquil and calm that different types of lighting for me I have a lamp that isn't too bright and then I always light candles and incense just before bed.

3. Have a Routine

Humans are creatures of habits. Remember as a kid you would have some sort of bed time routine like cartoons, bath, pjs, story time, bed. Didn't you sleep a thousand times better? If you are struggling to get to sleep when you want, start to get into a routine before bed and a routine of waking up and you'll soon find its easier to fall asleep. 
It is harder if you like myself don't have consistent work hours so I just try to adjust where I can but its generally the same. 
My routine is; make up off, moisturise, brush hair, change into pjs, turn off all lights bar my lamp and light candles and incense. Put my phone charging on the opposite side of the room and then read my kindle or I'll write and drink sleepy time tea. Blow out candles when I begin feeling sleepy and turn off lamp.

4. Drink Tea

So many tea brands do different types of sleepy time teas that really help me get in the mood for bed. The best ones are anything calming like camomile or lavender.  This one by Clipper is my current go to. I also spray lavender scents around the room before bed to keep me calm.

5. Create the right Environment

Only use your bed for sleep. Don't do work in bed, don't read emails in bed, don't eat in bed (I'm so guilty of this) and don't watch tv in bed. You need to get your mind into the idea that bed is for sleeping only and it makes it much easier to fall asleep into. Also have a bed and surrounding areas that you actually want to fall asleep around. No chaos or mess and a comfy duvet, mattress and pillows. And make sure you clean your sheets at least once a week!! How good are fresh bed sheets though.

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  1. All great tips! Since I started blogging, I find the "avoid your phone an hour before bed" tip difficult to stick to...

    Angela / Blush & Pearls

  2. I never thought blue light did anything but turns out it makes a HUGE difference. I've cut back on the iPad for the last couple of nights and it works so well!

    The Crown Wings

  3. I'm so awful for doing e-mails in bed - Jessica has tempted me into trying the blue light trick!


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