Budget Halloween Outfit Idea: Evil Rabbit

I went to an Alice in Horrorland themed party last night and had to create a costume pretty last minute as the one I ordered online the week before I actually hated when it arrived. 
So I just went with an "evil rabbit" kind of look that I created with a whole load of make up from NYX and other bits I already had lying around as well as some adorable bunny ears from Topshop. I know its lazy but headbands are a really simple and effective way of creating a Halloween outfit, especially on a budget like myself. And then I did buy a lace dress from Topshop but ended up using an old dress I had from Missguided. Throw on some fake blood and rabbit make up and you are done. Beats making it out of a bin bag like off of when you were a little kid.

Shop the look below

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