5 Ways To Make Getting Out Of Bed That Little Bit Easier

I love sleep more than life itself but I have always struggled with getting enough it. I had bad bouts of insomnia in my early twenties and over the last year I've been working on how to get better sleep and how to wake up and not feel exhausted all day long. I wrote a post last week on getting to sleep a little easier (here) and these are some tips I've used to help me sleep a thousand times better.

1. Wake up when you wake up

I don't mean don't set an alarm and just hope you wake up on time. Everyones been there when they've woke up 5 minutes before their alarm and instead of getting up they try to fall back to sleep and wait for their alarm. DONT. And don't even start about snoozing. Snoozing is not good for you. Getting that extra 7 minutes is going to make you a thousand times worse and going to make you super grouchy and more tired through out the day.
And be realistic. 
Don't send yourself to bed at 9 if you know you're the sort of person that will wake up at 12 and then fall back to sleep at 4am. Also don't set an alarm on your day off for 7am knowing full well you are going to want/need a slight lie in. Let your body sleep if its needs it. Listen to what your body is telling you but if you know full well your just being a lazy little shit address that.

2. Breakfast 

Who are these monsters that wake up and then not eat till midday. I go to sleep thinking of food and I wake up thinking of food. Often I even dream I'm in a supermarket or eating out. I really, really like food.... Anyway.
For me making sure I have a proper breakfast means I don't get hangry till at least 1 and it gives me energy for the day. Also all joking aside, a motivation for me getting out of bed is knowing I get to eat that expensive bread I really like or I know I've got all the ingredients for a fry up. 
I do not understand these people that say they don't have time for breakfast in the morning. I wish I could say I was one of these girls that does over night oats and pinterest worthy smoothies, I'm not. I will however cook bacon the night before when I have the oven on already and cooking dinner and then voila bacon sandwiches. Or scrambled egg in a frying pan literally takes less than 5 minutes, throw in some spinach and smoked salmon and your done. I'll buy nice bagels and cream cheese, I'm obsessed with these Oatso Simple Porridge pots which they do in so many flavours. You literally just add water , I recommend either the strawberry jam or golden syrup. 
Also, hello cereal? Even the worst cook in the world can't burn cereal.

3. Make Plans

Make plans or appointments so you have no choice but to get up. I always set a Tesco food shop on my day off an hour after I plan to get up, so then I HAVE to be up to receive food I have paid for. Plus nothing makes me happier than knowing I've got so much food in the house. Or book a doctors/ dentist/ nail appointment or plan to meet a friend it gets you up out of the house.
Always keep a routine for waking up and your body will get used to this and make it so much easier to get up.

4. Alarm

Try putting your alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get your ass out of bed to turn it off. I do this with my phone and not only does it wake me up better, I don't fall asleep looking at my phone. Or try a radio alarm so you wake up to music and voices rather than some hideous alarm clock siren. Or for under £30 you can get this amazing alarm clock that wakes you up with natural light. It simulates sunrise to make it easier to wake up plus it plays natural sounds which are super calming. Buy yours here

5. Get moving

Don't laze around in bed, get up and out of bed and get your heart going. I don't mean plan a full workout. Try just running on the spot a little or really wake yourself up with a cold shower. Or better yet if you do have time go for a run or a walk. I sometimes motivate myself out of bed to go into town and get a decent coffee from Costa or Starbucks and that gets me out of bed. 

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