September 2016 Beauty Favourites

Anyone who knows me knows I love a face mask. I've blogged a thousands times about my love for Lush Face Masks and they usually are my go to. This month however I have been using this delightful mask. My skin feels much cleaner after, albeit I look a little scary with it on and oh my god is it satisfying when you peel it off. I'm not sure if thats a weird me thing but its seriously good. Buy it here


Master Strobing Stick- Medium

Two from Maybelline this month. First is their Master Strobing Stick which is my new favourite highlighter. Its not extremely obviously like some highlighters which I like. Its much more subtle, and gives you more of a glow rather than a white shiny streak down your face. Buy yours here

Master Contour-Light

And then we have the Master Contour stick which is my favourite way to contour. The stick helps you easily draw it on and then it blends fantastically. Love, love, love. Buy yours here.


Kylie Lip Kit- Exposed

The first lip product I'm loving at the moment is Kylie Lip Kit's. So far I have the Lip kits in Exposed, Koko K, and Mary Jo K. And soon to have Leo after purchasing it yesterday. They're all extremely long lasting which is why I tend to wear them to work. I'm not one of those girls who remembers to redo her make up middle of the day. The most I do is dab some powder on my forehead because it gets that shiny, you can see your reflection in it. So these are perfect for me. Also I love the liners. I don't wear liner everyday but I like it for a night out. They sell out really quickly so you really have to stalk Kylie Jenner either on her app, snapchat or twitter to get hold of any of these. All the matte lip kits are currently available here (when I posted this anyways) other than Love Bite and Leo.

NYX Lingerie - Baby Doll, Honeymoon (left to right)

Next we have a Kylie Lip Kit dupe NYX Lingerie. These are a good cheap, easier to get hold of matte liquid lipstick. I'm not a massive fan of the applicator and it needs several more layers applied so its not streaky and its not as nearly long lasting but they give a much silkier appearance and as I mentioned they are much easier to get hold of and don't cost you £40 to get it shipped here. They sell them at most Boots stores or you can buy here


Chloe perfumes are one thousand percent my go to perfumes. The bottles are always very classic and delicate and the scents mimic that. I'm not one for overly powering scents and I'm not into really flowery perfumes either even though this is classed a floral perfume. These are always the perfect balance their feminine and light. Love Story is no different. Its inspired by the city of love, Paris. Buy yours here


Always a huge fan of Lush products and I always use one of their products daily. For the last few months I've been using American Cream to condition my hair with and its left it soft and dreamy. I tend not to use it on every wash, I'd say twice a week. Also as all Lush products do, it smells like you could eat it. But don't. Buy yours here.

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  1. I've never tried a lip kit - how does the one you have work?

    1. It comes with a lip liner and a matte liquid lipstick. You outline your lips with the liner and then use the liquid lipstick on top. Seriously couldn't recommend it enough x


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