7 Of The Best Things About Autumn

Springs ok, Summers alright and I'm not a fan of Winter but then again it has Christmas but Autumn is the real MVP. 
I love Autumn. 
It truly is the best season and I don't care what anyone else says. Here's a little list post of all my fave things about this glorious season.

1. Autumn food
I'm talking pies, pumpkin spice lattes, cinnamon on absolutely everything.

2. Autumn Walks
Its not super cold but its still got that chill about it. And please tell me if there is a better sensation that stepping on crunchy leaves.

3. Jumpers, coats and scarves
Autumn clothing is just the best. Big jumpers, which to be fair I usually wear as a dress. Plus this season theres so much leopard print around I could cry with happiness.

4. Halloween
Although I haven't actually worn fancy dress since uni and haven't trick or treated since I was like 10, I love Halloween. I love the decor, I love pumpkin carving, I love eating so much sugar your teeth feel like they will fall out.

5. TV and Films
Horror is my favourite genre and theres so many new horror films out, even though their usually a pile of shit, isn't that what makes them so brilliant? Plus American Horror Story is back and I will finally find out what the theme is this year after all their teasing, the little tinkers.

6. Cosy nights in
I hate being cold, but I hate being hot. I basically need to live in luke warm temperatures constantly. So I love Autumn because its still warmish but cold enough for fur blankets and putting the heating on ever so slightly.

7. Autumn scents

Again all of the cinnamon but yankee candles also. My favourite is Fireside treats which literally smells like toasted marshmallows. See the rest of their Harvest season here.

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