Things To Do When Visiting Dublin

I went to Dublin about a month ago on a last minute trip which is so beyond unlike me. Usually I plan everything to a tee and I'm super un-spontaneous but I got invited and I was like yeah fuck it, I'll go, why not. I was only there for just over a day and a half but I totally fell in love. Its not at all what I thought. I think when I picture Ireland I see lots of green and lots of drunk irishmen drinking Guinness in pubs. The later was true but I think the only green I saw was a park we passed.

Its such a strange city, in London for instance you have the run down areas and then the nice areas, in Dublin you'll walk past a shop thats run down, had its windows kicked in and gratified which is sat next to one of the most gorgeous Georgian houses you've ever seen in your life.

In my short time there we went on an open tour bus of Dublin and then to the Guinness factory and then the Kilmainham Gaol. We went for food in Temple bar in this lovely steak restaurant, FX Buckley, which was proper cosy and did the most amazing steaks. Then we went to a proper Irish pub  listened to live Irish music surrounded by real Irish people ....and then drank gin, because yeah Guinness I could take a sip of but the last time I drank a whole pint was when I did pub golf for my 21st and subsequently threw up outside of a pub in Chester, whilst one friend held my hair back and the other took photos, which are on my Facebook somewhere *eye rolls*

I would highly recommend Dublin and would go back in heart beat. The Irish are literally the friendliest people I have ever met. Whilst we were being super touristy and looking at our massive map looking for places about 3 or 4 people randomly just stopped to ask if we need help finding somewhere and our taxi driver who drove us into the city from the airport was like a mini tour guide showing us which schools Bono and the rest of U2 went to. The only thing I would say is that it is SO  expensive. Everyone said that before we went and I couldn't comprehend what they meant but it cost €9 for a single gin and tonic! I took £200 for a day and a half and spent it all. So save up!!!

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