My Tattoo's and Their Meanings

Since I was about 14 ish when I began my love for Christina Aguilera/ Alyssa Milano faze. Xtina was going through her Dirrty faze and getting more tattoo's and piercings and I was obsessed with Charmed and I knew I wanted to be a bad ass witch with cool tattoos. I would spend hours drawing them away with all different ideas of where I would get them and what I would get.

I'm quite fickle human being and I change my mind, taste and styles all the time in every walk of life. I will redecorate a room, have it perfect and then decide I hate it and I throw away bin bags of clothes every few months of clothes I now despise that I once loved so picking tattoo's for me is a serious deal. I couldn't just get one spur of the moment with no meaning behind it other wise I would hate it within a month. For instance I used to be very obsessed with butterflies and want a butterfly on my hip, then I told someone from school I wanted this and they went and got that exact tattoo (betch) so I was put off, now I am very thankful because I would detest a butterfly tattoo on me now. I also during relationships thought about getting a boyfriends name on me...

Now I'm not some sort hardcore tattoo'd up gal with a sleeve and piercing's all over. I currently only have two tattoo's and they're not exactly large or anything too detailed but they mean quite a lot to me and they're mine and I'm completely obsessed with them. 


My first tattoo was kind of spur of the moment but it will always mean something to me. My best friend from Uni, Amy, past away nearly a year ago after years of battling depression. After it happened me and my friends all knew we wanted some sort of tattoo tribute. Its strange but I felt like we had to have something always to remember her by. I was considering her name but I'm not a huge fan of name tattoo's and I didn't want for the rest of my life for people to go "Who's Amy?". So instead we all got semi colon's on in aid of the semicolon project which we had read about. It's a project to spread mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Instead of putting a full stop in your sentence you put a semicolon so you can continue it on. I got in my ankle for a personal in joke between me and Amy. It really wasn't all that painful other than the colouring in which was over in a second.


I have wanted a heart on my wrist for about 4 years, maybe longer and then yesterday I finally got round to getting it done. Its one I drew myself and it is imperfect. The meaning behind it is very simple. It's a constant reminder to myself to love myself no matter what, even when I feel like others don't. 
Since I was a teenager I have suffered on and off with depression and anxiety, self hatred and feeling like I am never good enough and over the past year I have worked on myself, my health and my happiness and am now at the best I have ever been so I wanted this as a reminder to me that I am strong, confident and I am enough. 

This hurt much more than the semi colon even though its just an outline I think it was worse for me staring at it as well as I am a baby when it comes to blood and pain but I am so so happy with it.

I feel like I will definitely get a few more tattoos, I feel like they are a complete addiction and I completely understand everything everyone as ever told me about them.

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