Mid Year Resolutions 2015

2015 has not at all gone like I expected it would, but that's life for you I guess. I lost a great friend in February but from that I have bonded with so many other friends that I had either lost touch with or just didn't see as much as I should have. I now look at life completely differently than I ever did before.
 Don't hold grudges, don't be angry or sad. Be happy. Life is short and you never know what is round the corner. Look back fondly on memories but don't let them haunt you. You will never be happy in the now if you are living in the past.

 I whole heartedly believe that everything happen's for a reason and everything is a lesson. So even though there has been some bad at the beginning of this year. I won't let it affect the rest of it and even though there has been bad, there has been plenty of good. 

Read more

 I'm really into reading at the moment. I'm really tempted to buy a kindle or something cause I'm so obsessed with books currently. They help calm me and send me to sleep. 

See friends more

As mentioned above its something I definitely have been doing more but will continue to keep up. And family. It's very important to see the people you love and to make happy memories. Life is not all about working all the time.

Be healthy

 This mostly involves cutting back on alcohol and making sure I eat healthy. I'm not particularly bad but I can't say no to a drink after work and then I end up feeling awful. I've gone out recently and not drank anything alcoholic and I still had just as much fun. In my teens I drank to be confident and now that I am confident. I don't really need it as much.

Travel more

So far only Amsterdam outside of the UK but I've been to Pembroke, Manchester and about to go to Devon/Cornwall and me and the girls are in the midst of booking somewhere in October. I read a lovely little post by Hannah Gale (here) about travelling on your own and staying somewhere which I'm so tempted to do. It's very important sometimes to just have some me time.

Save more

I was so good for a very long time in saving and then I've kind of let it slide. Lately I've been taking packed lunches instead of buying meal deals and I've been cooking instead of eating out and I've noticed the difference. I ideally am looking to move by Christmas so I want to save up for a new place.

Relax more

My resolution for this year was to switch off more, which to be fair I'm pretty good at. In my Current Favourite App's post (here) I talk about an app called moment which I'm obsessed with (in a good way). It tracks how much you are on your phone everyday. Instead of being on my phone I either speak to people or I draw or I write blog posts. It's really important that I take time out to focus and not get overwhelmed and stressed.

You can see my New Year's Resolutions from the beginning of this year here.

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  1. Such a good post, evaluating the year half way through has got me thinking too xx

  2. very nice post with lots of positives and great ideas! I wish i could get some sort of positivity into my life but i must say,reading this has helped,thank you Hannah x


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