Lush Cosmetics Ultrabland Review

I love Lush. I talk about it frequently on this blog and I am forever buying new things from there. Whilst I was back home a couple of weeks back I even got to try my first ever Lush bath bomb (because I don't have a bath) and it was glorious. I can't remember which one and I didn't review it unfortunately as I was just too eager to use it and the lighting at my dad's is not great (he lives in a basement. Zero lighting).
Anyway, this is my new favourite cleanser courtesy of Lush. Smooth on the skin, removes any impurities and suitable for all skin types. Mine's quite a mix and this seems to work really well with my combination skin. 

What I love about Lush products is that they are reasonably priced, use natural ingredients and none of their products are tested on animals. It's a brand you actually want to buy products from.

Buy yours here.

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