Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Review

I'm the world's most laziest girl when it comes to beauty. I rarely have my nails done and if I do they are chipped. I get my hair cut only when you cannot physically get a brush through it anymore. I don't know how to contour and my hair is always in the exact same style. Always. 
To add to this list I am also hopeless at moisturising. I moisturise once I get dry patches on my skin. It's not in my daily routine at all. 

That was before I found this god send by Vaseline. I don't know if this was a trend that's been going on forever and I'm so my age but when I discovered that you can get moisturiser in a can, I honestly thought it was the absolute best invention ever. This moisturiser sprays on evenly and you barely even have to rub it in. In absorbs within seconds and leaves your skin smooth and non-greasy. 
I used to despise moisturising cause I hate the feel of any fabric against moisturised skin but this genuinely doesn't leave any residue. 

Vaseline do them in various different varieties also. They do a very lovely aloe-vera one.

You can buy your Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser here.

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