Adult Colouring Books Review: Johanna Basford's Secret Garden

I mentioned in this post that you are never too old to do, that you are never too old to play arts and crafts. Recently I've been discovering that you are never too old to have a colouring book.  A friend told me about this recent trend of adult colouring books as they are a great source of meditation and relaxation. As a person extremely prone to anxiety and mounds of stress I thought I would give them a try. I chose Johanna Basford's 'Secret Garden' as I love to draw flowers and birds and girly things so I thought it suited me quite well.

There's some sort of treasure hunt you can do throughout the book which I just haven't done yet. All I've done is pick which page I wanted to draw and went with it. And I used Sharpies which went right through the page but look SO much better than stupid colouring pencils.

 When I read up on Johanna I found out she was kind of why the trend all kicked off and her books have sold in their millions. In WH Smith they now have a little section filled with over colouring books for adults. I even saw a Star Wars one which is definitely on my wish list. 

Its honestly so therapeutic, other than me stressing that I STILL can't colour inside the lines. I highly recommend giving it a go to anyone who leads a stressful busy life. Find half an hour a day to colour in a section I found myself getting lost in my thoughts and I honestly felt like I was in a therapy session with myself and old memories and thoughts that I had forgot about began popping up and I walked away feeling refreshed. 

Buy 'Secret Garden' here.

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