What's On My Bed Side Table

Table: Ikea (similar: here)
Lamp: ASDA home
Trinket box: Primark
Fake Flowers: Wilkos (similar: here)

Magazines: I like to switch off before bed and to do this I read magazines such as Vogue or Look. I also read books occasionally but I tend to have them on my phone as I can't be bothered waiting a couple of days for them to arrive via post, though I do love the smell of a new book. 
I'm considering investing in a Kindle so I can have some book reading time separate from my phone.   

Note pad and Pens (Paperchase): I'm usually tired throughout the entire day and then get a random burst of energy at 2am where I get the best ideas for my blog posts. I keep notebooks by my bed so I can jot them down and type them up later.

Candles: I adore candles and I find nothing more relaxing before bed that lighting a couple to chill out. If you're on a budget, Primark do some gorgeous ones but my favourites are definitely my Jo Malone and Yankee Candle ones. 
The Jo Malone is in scent 'Orange Blossom' and the Yankee Candle is in the scent Soft Blanket. I was given both at Christmas but the Yankee Candle has far out lived my Jo Malone one.   

Moisturiser: I have 3 different types by my bed side; two body moisturisers and one hand cream.
 I always get given loads of Sanctuary Spa stuff for Christmas which I absolutely swear by, they always smell gorgeous and really make my skin feel soft.
 I've recently discovered this Vaseline one which is a moisturising spray. I feel this is the ultimate lazy girl's moisturiser. 

Trinkets: I love little cute ornaments and I've collected loads over the years or been given them as gifts. 

What's on your bedside table?

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