Hair Trade: Redken Color Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction Mask Review

Redken Deep Attraction Mask: Hair Trade*

I recently went from Blonde to Brunette again which is probably the fourth time I've done so, I always go between to the two depending on my mood. I always slightly wish I could just have two really good wigs and just switch it up when I feel like it. 
As you can imagine from all the dying my hair is fairly damaged and I had to have a couple of inches cut off. Hair Trade kindly sent me this hair mask which has sorted my hair right out. Not only is it coating and help repair all the damage I've done, it makes the colour stay vibrant. 
I would highly recommend Redken products to anyone who likes to dye their hair. I've used the Anti-Snap products before which saved a lot of my hair falling out. 

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