Fujifulm XF1 Review

I've mentioned since forever I've wanted a new camera. I love my bridge camera but it's so bulky I hate carrying it with me day to day. I began reading a lot about cameras and the more I read, the more I realised you don't necessarily have to have a DSLR or a big fancy camera to take quality pictures. 

Originally I wanted a Canon or Nikon as those are forever seen as good blogging cameras but then I saw the Fujifilm XF1. I love the vintage look of this camera that drew me in. I then did what any savvy blogger would do and read reviews. Every review was 4-5 stars and as you can see the quality of this camera is impeccable. Also it doesn't blur as much as my Samsung does and its much better quality than my iPhone. 

My favourite feature is that you can manually move the lens and adjust the zoom. I would highly recommend this camera. Buy yours here.

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