November Favourites

Lush Face Masks: Beginning of the month I reviewed another Lush face mask. This time I tried Oatifix. Smells delicious and helps moisturise dry winter skin. 

Skirts: Long Skirts, Leather Skirts any kind of skirts. I've gone out and bought loads lately and they seem to be my go to Winter wardrobe staple especially in love with my River Island one and my Zara one.

Detoxing: I've been trying to look after my body a little more and not go out and drink so much and I've been drinking lots of lovely teas to get my skin and body back on track.

Advent Calendar's:  In love with my new Topshop Advent calendar, way better than chocolate

Being motivated: I talked about the best ways of Waking up and my best tips on how to motivate yourself

Paul Mitchell Hair Care: Reviewed Paul Mitchell's Color Care collection, which are some of my favourite hair products.

Christmas: I've been embracing everything Christmas related and even did a little Christmas decorations haul. 


  1. I'm feeling so Christmassy too! Love your christmas decorations!

    Emma emhasrednails

  2. I'm glad you're feeling the christmas spirit, I'm getting into it myself actually! This was a fantastic post xo

    Shannon |


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