October Favourites

This post is well over due but I've been a super lazy blogger lately. I'm constantly try to balance full time career/ social life/ blog and at the moment job and social life are firmly taking over and I don't even care because I'm enjoying myself and I am still posting 3 times a week at least, I just have a whole back log of things I wanted to post but just haven't had the time or energy to complete. 
Anyway I digress. Here's what I enjoyed in October 

Autumn: I've mentioned my love for Autumn all over the shop

Primark: I did another little Autumn haul from Primark 

Accessories: Bought some cute little pieces from Black Tied jewellery 

Adventures: I went to both Lacock and Manchester 

Ikea: Forever in love with Ikea. Currently in the process of redecorating 

Styleicona: My favourite app made me their Styleicona of the day.

Halloween: I did a spot pumpkin carving and looked back on Halloween's past.

Plaid: My favourite autumn/winter trend.

Style tips: I shared my style tips

September and August's Favourites


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