Lush Cosmetics: Oatifix Review

Lush face masks are definitely one of my skin care staples. I have reviewed Cupcake and Love Lettuce previously and I now I am using Oatifix. I currently have 4 empties in my bathroom and when I'm done with this I can get another face mask. For anyone who doesn't reguarly shop at Lush. They have a policy where if you bring back any empty packages you can get a free face mask. Recycling is fun!

Oatifix first of all smells delicious. I had to stop myself eating it. It's perfect for anyone with dry sensitive skin. I'm usually more of an oily combo but over the winter months its good to give your skin a bit of moisture and I would buy it again purely for the smell of bananas, oats and vanilla.

Buy Oatifix here.

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