Visiting Lacock

Home was amazing. As mentioned in this post I went to ikea. Haul will be up soon. Then yesterday we went to Lacock in Wiltshire. Which is such a beautiful little village. It's where parts of Harry Potter were filmed as well as other films and period dramas. It's also where Zoella is from originally.
 It has so many little cute shops. There's one called Quintessentially English, that is literally someone's house transformed into a shop. It had lots of little rooms with lots vintagey trinkets in and they sell they're own homemade soaps and bath bits. There were a couple of different shops similar that had Christmas bits in which got me super excited for Christmas. 
It's hard living away from home sometimes and the contemplation to move home comes up very often. And I've still not ruled it out. I wish I could just uproot my life in Chester to Bristol with no hesitation. 

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