Lush Cosmetics Face Mask Review- Cupcake

I'm all about Face Masks at the moment and when I did a mini beauty haul the other day I couldn't resist another. They are the perfect way to unwind and also a great way to refresh your skin. I discovered Lush Cosmetics face masks a month ago when I reviewed Love Lettuce. And then I made my own home made ones when my local Lush store had sold out. I was in town the other day and happened to swing by Lush and noticed they had face masks back in. 
I had been lusting after Oatifix but then last week I had seen a review for Cupcake and felt that it was much more suited to my skin care needs. Its perfect for oily break out skin types which I've been suffering from as of late. The lovely sales assistant explained that Cupcake dries out oily skin and warned me that if I had combination skin and suffered from any dry patches on my face that I should moisturise them before applying the mask, which I did. The next day I noticed my clean a lot less oilier and some of my spots had cleared up as well.
I would definitely recommend this for anyone else who suffers with oily break out skin. I think I actually prefer this to Love Lettuce.

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