Pastel Home Haul part 2

I get the distinct feeling I will be posting a lot of these. I've literally become obsessed. The other day I travelled down to Dunelm Mill, Tesco and TK Maxx for some much needed retail therapy and bought myself some new bits for the house. In doing so I discovered this amazing brand called Candy Rose which is in Dunelm Mill and they have the cutest pastel kitchen bits. Some of it is quite floral and I don't like the floral pieces as floral is definitely something I was obsessed with about 4 years ago. I bought a gorgeous mint green baking tray from there but I actually kind of like the idea of using it as like a dish for candles of jewellery. I also bought a lantern because it was pastel and £2.50 from Tesco Home which have some really beautiful pastel things currently but I was wary about buying too much from there as I have asked for a lot from there for my birthday so I didn't want to get double of some things. I also had to buy some obligatory candles which I later lit and my cat set his tail on fire with. Brilliant.

All Dunelm Mill

All from Tesco Home


  1. Lovely things, the lantern is so cute :)

  2. I've got a lantern just like that in my room, love putting a little candle in at night and turning off the nights, it's so relaxing :) xxx

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  3. I love anything and everything to do with interior so I totally understand why you went to three different shops :P Your lantern is so cute and it didn't break the bank which is always a plus :) X

  4. these are all lovely things and I love the pastel shades:)


  5. such cute stuff!

  6. I love the lantern and the cooking tray. Such a lovely color palette
    xx, Jodi

  7. Those cups are too cute!

    xx Bee


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