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So I decided whilst I was home to finally go blonde again. I've been blonde twice before and its just a colour I keep going back to. I love being blonde and equally I love being brunette. I always say I wish I could have two wigs which I just alternate between. I didn't tell anyone I was going blonde other than my sister who's my hair dresser because when ever I let anyone know I'm changing my hair colour I suddenly get everyone giving me they're opinion. When I went from Brunette to blonde the first time everyone told me it wouldn't suit me and then when I went back to brunette I actually had someone yell at me that I looked better blonde. Sometimes unless I ask, I don't really care what you're opinion is.
The process involved two stages where me and my sister put bleach all over my hair. The first time she did thin layers all over but still with lots of brown. We both weren't quite feeling it so we put more blonde through this time thicker layers. We considered putting a toner on to go honey blonde but mixed with the brown it kind of went that way anyway. Going from dark to blonde is quite a process so you have to be sure about it. As I've now done it 3 times I feel I'm becoming quite the expert.





1. First things first (I'm the realest) go to an expert. Never dye your hair at home. My sister is a hairdresser which comes in handy for discounted treatments and she tells me the horrors of using box dyes. Yes they are cheap but in the long run you will have to pay a hair dresser to correct the damage anyway. If its money you're worried about most colleges or beauty schools have trainees that give discounted treatments and cuts. If you have a particular colour you have in mind take pictures to show your hairdresser. I sent my sister the collage of honey blonde pics I did for a blog post a while back so she had a rough idea of colour I wanted to go. You will need to do a patch test to check you're not allergic to any of the dyes the salon uses so remember that when booking appointment

2.Take care of it. Buy shampoos, conditioner and hair masks that will help maintain the colour and repair any damage that the bleaching will have done to your hair. No matter how healthy your hair is and how great your hairdresser is, bleach damages your hair. Fact. So buy some really good products. I currently use Sheer Blonde by John Frieda. Purple shampoos remove any harsh yellow tones from your hair. These were on 3 for £10 so I also bought a Frizz Ease hair mask. I also bought Retread which is a intensive hair mask from Lush. Previously I've used Redken Anti-Snap as well which I highly recommend.

3. Think ahead. If you draw your eyebrows on you will need to change the shade you use to adapt your lighter hair. I'm currently using Lingering by MAC. Different make up will suit you depending on the shade you go. There will be some reds that are to brash or pinks that will make you look like a barbie doll but it also opens up a whole new world of shades like corals.

4. Take your time to get used to the colour. Its quite a strange adjustment going from so dark to so light so give yourself a couple of days to adjust to it. You might not like it at first because its not how you usually look. If after 2 weeks you don't like it consult your hairdresser to go darker again.

5. Don't go blonde unless your certain and make sure your hairs in a decent condition. The second time I went blonde my hair was in awful condition and it all went dry and snapped off until I had to have a bob. Be prepared for that inevitability if you do decide to dye it.

6. Don't let anyone influence your decision. It sounds silly but the last time I went blonde I went blonde for all the wrong reasons. I was very unhappy with the way I looked and I thought that dying my hair would instantly make me feel better. It didn't. Especially when I had to cut most of it off. I look back now and I don't look bad with short blonde hair and I didn't look bad before I made the decision to dye my hair. If you're going to dye your hair do it because you really want to.


  1. Great post! Wish I'd read this before I used the boxed dyes haha, total disaster haha x


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