August Primark Haul 2014

Hat:£8, Cardigan: £14, Mary Janes: £12

These are probably my favourite items from this haul. I decided I wanted a felt hat after going to Liverpool's Topshop and trying one on as a joke and actually really loving it. The cardigan was £14 and one of those perfect jackets that is a good transition between summer and autumn. Keeps you warm in Autumn but doesn't make you boil in summer. These shoes I have eyed up for ages. They are proper ugly shoes but I'm in love with them. I thought they might be the sort to give you horrible blisters when you first where them. But the band on them is elastic so it gives lots of way. 

Dress: £10, Belts: £2

This is just a lovely woolen skater dress. Again more of an Autumn purchase but its the sort of thing you can dress up or down and a lovely little addition to my wardrobe. The belts I only bought initially for the black one but the leopard one has grown on me. Especially with this dress.

Shopper Tote: £1, Tea Towels: £3

Tea towels are the perfect addition to my pastel kitchen I'm slowly adding to and this shopper tote is very cute. As my blue satchel is very small I often lug bulkier items in an old Space N.K. bag which due to rain is now breaking so I bought this to replace that as it was starting to get to the point I was going to have to take my stuff in a Tesco bag. Which was a huge no-no in year 6 P.E. and it still is now. 

And some more underwear. Firm believer you should always wear nice underwear regardless of anyone sees it or not. Primark does some really lovely pieces for a very reasonable price. They also do some hideously tacky numbers so steer clear of them.

And here's just a selfie of me in my hat

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