Real Technique Brushes Dupe

Left: Smokey Eye Duo Brush: £3, Right: Powder Brush: £4

Make Up Sponge: £3

These believe it or not are from Wilko. I recently went in just to get some boring household bits and saw a notice saying their beauty department has expanded so I thought it'd be rude not to have a look. I instantly saw their new make up brushes section and was like "Oooh they sell Real Technique brushes". Then I saw the label Wilko and was disappointed but I thought the packaging was pretty and they weren't too expensive so I ought to give them a go.
I own one Real Techniques brush which is the foundation one so I cant actually compare what the real thing feels like but as a cheap alternative these brushes are amazing. The bristles are soft, they blend exceptionally well and give great coverage. The only annoying thing is that I only bought two.
I also bought a blending sponge for £3 as my last Topshop one got used as a cat toy.

You can buy any of Wilko Premium brushes here.


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