Lush Face Mask Review- Love Lettuce

This week, for me, has all been about detoxing. Not proper detoxing, just more not going out drinking my weight in gin and ruining my life. I've upped my intake of water and ate clean all week. I've not gone to bed with my make up on once. I've cleansed and toned everyday and I also bought myself my first Lush face mask.
 I usually prefer the peel off face masks over an exfoliating one. I don't know why that is. It's like when I was at school and I'd pore that cheap glue on my hands just to peel it off or when I'd dip my fingers in wax to make a mould of my hand. Just kind of satisfying. Anyone else done that? 
Anyway the lovely lady at Lush sold me Love Lettuce as I'd asked for a face mask that makes me look like I'm glowing. She said that the lavender would make my face fresh again and it definitely has. The mask itself smells absolutely amazing and I felt instantly refreshed and like my skin looked less grey.
 Lush's face masks are £6.25 and they last up to 6 weeks, so long as they're kept in the fridge. And when you get 5 empty ones you can get a free one. The next one I'm going to try is Oatifix. 
Buy yours here.

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