Lipstick Collection-Topshop

1. Trigger 2. Pillow Talk 3. Whimsical 4. Rio Rio 5. Brighton Rock

Topshop is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands for make up. I have several eyeshadows, a couple of brushes. Several nail varnishes and now 5 lipsticks. RioRio was the first I picked up when I was in London. I had been looking for that particular shade of red for several weeks and was over joyed when I found it. This was when my love for Topshop make up began. I then bought Trigger over the winter for a dark purple shade and wore it pretty much religiously till January. Then I bought Brighton Rock and Pillow Talk when my love affair with the colour pink began again. And last week I bought Whimsical which is a gorgeous nude shade that I've worn most of last week. Just an easy day time lipstick. 


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