Visiting Glastonbury in Pictures

Warning: This post is very picture heavy. So as mentioned I've spent the last 2 days at home. The first day we attempted to go to Glastonbury and Wells and then my dads car broke down. So once we got towed back we just went local and ate at Bottelino's in Portishead. They have a few of these in the South West and I highly recommend them. The food is amazing and the service is always good. The one in Portishead over looks the Marina as well so its extra beautiful. 
Then take 2; we finally made it to Glastonbury. Such a beautiful place and so spiritual. I visited a psychic which was ridiculously accurate and then we walked around the Glastonbury Cathedral ruins which were just so beautiful. I've came back so relaxed and positive and its something that I'm going to maintain. 

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