Bumble and bumble- Thickening Review

I was bought Bumble and bumble's Creme de Coco shampoo, conditioner and deep cleansing conditioner for Christmas and today it sadly ran out. Now I literally use this every single day as my hair NEEDS to be washed daily other wise its unmanagable, so the fact that this has lasted me just over two months is amazing. Which is why when it came to buying Bumble and bumbles thickening shampoo and conditioner today, I didn't mind spending nearly £40. I don't know if its because it is so pricey that I'm more causious with it than previous hair products but whatever it is, it seems to be saving me money in the long run. I was torn between the Thickening and some of their extra nourishing ranges (Super Rich or Mending) for really damaged hair. My hairs not overly damaged these days but I do always have an issue with how thin and limp my hair is naturally which is odd cause its curly so you'd think it would have loads of volume. But there you go.
I also saw that you can buy little samples of their shampoos for about £5-£6 which I think is really clever. You can find out which of their ranges is right for you and then splurge if needed.

Find more of Bumble and bumble's ranges here


  1. I love Bumble and bumble, they are expensive but I guess it's worth it! x


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