Whats in my bag: 2014 edition

Thought I had already done one of these posts in 2012/13 but realised that was on a previous blog that I definitely deleted the entire blog. Would have been interesting to compare too but oh well. This is my new bag from River Island as mentioned in a previous post, its much smaller than I'm used to purposely so I don't over clutter it. So far so good, though I did have a billion receipts shoved in there that I've not featured in the picture. Must remember to empty bag more.
As a kid I remember people asking a lot what three things would you take if you were stuck on a desert island. Not that I ever stepped out of my hometown, this just always seemed like a genuine concern when I was 8. So I would always carry a lot on me just in case. Wouldn't be anything useful, just biscuits and my gameboy. The essentials. I was a big worrier as a child. I also used to write my full name in birthday cards to my dad just in case he got amnesia cause I saw this a lot in films (The Little Princess being the main culprit). I also wouldn't eat meatballs because I saw an advert once where a kid turned into a meatball. Very guillable. Anyway the carry essentials on me and not eating meatballs has definitely followed me into adulthood. I always have 'sensible' things in my bag for the just in case moments.

1. iPhone: Probably the most important thing I carry in my bag. I've become a lot more fond of my iPhone 5C than when I first had it. Very useful on a desert island you'll have to agree. Especially now I'm with a network I can get signal with.

2. Snacks: If I could give one piece of advice to anyone it would be to always carry snacks on you. You never know when they will come in handy. With a bigger bag, I used to have more snacks now I just keep a couple. I did have water and chocolate yesterday but they've been consumed.

3. Drugs: Keep these in my bag in case of emergencies, forever injuring myself/getting aches and pains so some form of pain medication is always needed at hand as I'm a massive baby. Usually have plasters as well but I've used them all now.

4. Tissues: Massively have the sniffles right now so I have tissues at the ready constantly. Grim. 

5. Lip balm: Carmex lip balm in strawberry, perfect for dry lips in winter. Always keep this in my bag just in case.

6. Headphones: I listen to music quite a lot on my iPhone, usually on my break or walking to work, occasionally before bed. I'm definitely somebody who prefers to play music via headphones than out loud. Probably because I'm embarrassed by the music that appears on my iPhone. I definitely don't have 'cool' taste in music.

7. Purse: This is just a plain back purse from Primark nothing special and usually has nothing in it. I don't carry cash on me (except a ridiculous amount of change which is always at the bottom of my bag) and my cards are always loose in my bag. So bad, how one hasn't dropped out I have no idea. But I'm trying to be stricter with it. I always just feel under pressure in queues to quickly shove everything in my bag to get rid of it quickly than put it back where its supposed to. Also regarding all the loose change, I've now bought one of those unopenable tins so I'm going to fill that up every couple of days and hopefully by the time I open it I'll be a millionaire (probably)

8. Lipstick: Not one, not two but three different varities. Barry M- 147, Boujois- Rouge Buzz and MAC- Chatterbox . I don't carry much make up on me, actually other than number 10 I don't carry anything. Once I apply make up in the morning I don't reapply throughout the day. I just forget tbh. I'm a rubbish at being a girl.

9. Pen: I once used to carry an autograph book around with me, just in case I met any celebs. I didn't ever fill it with anything other than my own and Pluto when I went to DisneyLand Paris. Now I just carry a pen. You never know when you'll need a pen.

10. Powder: MAC Studio Fix is a god send. If I remember to, I reapply this to my ever so shiny forehead. But I often forget so this is kind of just taking up room in my bag for no reason. Good to have a little compact mirror though, just in case.

I also ALWAYS carry an umbrella on me (it's currently drying) as I am forever getting caught in the rain.


  1. Very cute bag - perfect for Spring and all the lovely pastel outfits :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Gorgeous bag and wallet, I love these posts.


  3. I love your blog


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