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Things You Can Do For A Happier 2019

Nothing I love more than a feeling of a fresh start which is why I love new years so much. First of all it means a brand new diary and you know I love me some cute stationary.
I find this time of year and indeed the Christmas time that proceeds it can be really hard for some. A time of reflection, a time when you can feel at your loneliest. I think there's a lot of expectations of how or who we should be instead of just being. I feel it’s equally a great time to focus on ones mental health and letting good, positive vibes into ones life.  Here’s a couple of things I do that bring me happiness and hopefully bring you some happiness too this new year.

1. Limit your screen time Recently the screen time function on my iPhone to limit and monitor how much time I spend on social media. If you go to Settings its just under do not disturb and through this you can select time limits on certain app's as well as setting a password that you have to put in once you reach this time limit. O…

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