Christmas Traditions*

I always love hearing other people's Christmas traditions. It's funny, you grow up thinking everyone has the exact same Christmas as you. That everyone opens presents in order of youngest to oldest, which was great as kids because I was second but now I have nephews I've been bumped to fourth!
That everyone has Christmas dinner at lunch time, and their dinner includes yorkshires, cauliflower cheese and both mashed and roast potatoes. And that everyone goes to sleep to the sound of their dad wrapping their Christmas presents on Christmas eve because he's left everything last minute again. 

Christmas traditions are made over the years and the one I have with myself every year is that I always before Christmas day arrives watch all the Harry Potter movies back to back with copious amounts of snacks and OJ.
Today on Christmas eve, eve, eve (yup, I'm that person), my Harry Potter marathon is accompanied by several bags of different flavours of Popcorn Shed's* award winning gourmet popcorn. Each more delicious than the last. My favourite is the salted caramel which I got in both a snack sized bag and a large box. I'm so excited to spend the day switching off and eating my weight in snacks before a busy week of seeing family and gift giving. 

What are some of your Christmas traditions?


  1. Lovely post, you can never go wrong with a Harry Potter marathon!

    Shelley x


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