How To Successfully Make a Career Change

From my time as a working gal and particularly working in recruitment I've learnt a lot about how to successfully make a career change. I've learnt particularly that no one has one set path of how there career is lined out and a career change is always a possibility if you're willing to work hard for it.
I moved from a hospitality management job into working in recruitment plus in my job in recruitment I've helped a lot of people make career moves too.

Here are a couple of tips I've learnt along the way;

Do Your Research
Let's say you want to get into Marketing. Do your research on exactly what Marketing jobs there are available and how to get them. Look at job boards like REED or Total Jobs and see what experience people are looking for for these roles and what sort of salary you would be expecting. Sometimes there's a lot of career types like 'HR', 'Marketing' or 'PR' that people hear about and think they're glamorous or well paid jobs and they might but look into what these actually do and whether its something you see yourself doing. Also don't be afraid to contact people in those fields on LinkedIn or people you may know and ask them how they got there and what they like/dislike about their jobs.

Be Realistic
If you're already in a well paid job but you're not enjoying it and want to make the move, don't necessarily expect the same salary in another field. You may have transferrable skills but these days people look for actual experience in these fields.
Also don't expect your dream job overnight. But hard work does pay off. You consider an internship, free work experience or an apprenticeship in your chosen field. They don't pay great but its a great way to gain exposure, build contacts and also see if this is the right career move for you.

Be Determined
You might go for one interview, ace it and get the job. But you also might have doors slammed in your face and go to 100 interviews. You are not alone. People don't generally get their dream career straight away but just keep at it and keep reminding yourself what's motivating you.

Go Back To School
Sometimes its not necessary to do extra training as the work experience is more valuable than a qualification but for say teaching or accounts, you need them qualifications honey. This can cost depending on what it is. Some courses can be done in the evening or even online. Just do your research on whether its necessary before you spend thousands on a course that might not benefit you

Get Advice
Recruitment agencies are really helpful, if you find the right one. They can offer CV and interview advice and honest but supportive advice about how to make your career move. The benefit of an agency is they can speak to the companies direct and negotiate salaries and they usually have an established relationship with them so they can vouch for your experience and personality much more than a CV can.

...But take everyone's advice you seek with a pinch of salt. We are all different and as I said before we all walk different paths. People make drastic career changes every day and nothing is impossible if you're willing to work for it.

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  1. These are really good tips - thanks for sharing!


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