How To Overcome Bloggers Block

There comes a time in every blogger's life when you just can't think of anything to write or everything you write feels a bit meh. I've had plenty of occasions where I feel like this and here's a couple of things I try to remember to help me overcome it. 

Don't Be Hard On Yourself
Firstly it happens to every blogger. You're not weird or bad. Don't get wound up and don't beat yourself up. Just accept it for what it is and know that it won't always be that way.

Do Something Else
Ever had that feeling where something's on the tip of your tongue but you're struggling to remember it? And the more you try to remember the more you don't. Do you ever find you suddenly remember it when you're doing something else? Creativity is exactly the same. If you're sat there trying to think of something to write. Stop and do something else for a bit or even a couple of days. The more you get frustrated the harder it will be. 

Change Your Environment
Try writing in a coffee shop or moving your desk around. If you write in your bed, try creating a mini office somewhere. 

Get Some Inspiration 
If you're one of those people that can pluck great ideas from no where then I envy you. If you're like me and need something to inspire you then these are some of my favourite places to get ideas from:

  • Social Media- Either in relation to a picture or a post that someone puts up or seeing something trending in the news.

  • The Time Of Year- Is Spring approaching? Is it Christmas time or is it coming up to Valentines. What ever time of the year it is inspires what I write about. 

  • Bloglovin- One of my favourite places to read blogs and by reading other blogs it gives me ideas on things I can write about. 

  • Buzzfeed- One of my favourite places to lose a few hours. Whether it's in a quiz to find out what kind of pasta I am or a list post. Either way its one of my favourite places to get inspiration from their articles or posts
  • Buying new products- either buying new make up or clothes that I like/dislike that inspire me to review them or buying blog prop photos that give me ideas 
  • Photography- I take a lot of photos. Not necessarily to accompany any particular blog posts but sometimes I look back through old photos I've taken and that will inspire me to write a post around that picture

What are your tips to overcome bloggers block?

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