The Under £30 Alternative To A FitBit

All I've gone on about this week, to anyone who will listen is my brand new Letsfit smart band. 
I'm a sucker for a hype and since I saw everyone I know getting FitBit's for Christmas I started to get envy but couldn't justify the price. 

Then I was strolling through Amazon and saw this little beauty (here) for £28.99. The reviews looked pretty good so I thought I would give it a shot. And I have been pretty obsessed with it since the moment I got it.

 I've always been keen on tracking my sleep and amount of steps I take in a day anyway, to ensure I'm sleeping well and keeping active. And this smart band simply tracks all of this whilst you go about your day. You can easily track it to your phone so you can monitor your progress and you do have the option to sync your notifications but I've chose not to use that function. 

There are also 14 exercise modes so you can understand better your everyday activity plus it constantly monitors your heart rate. It comes in loads of cute colours, but I went for a simple black. If I fancied changing it in the future you can buy extra straps. I still can't believe it was under £30!

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